How Trace Coffee Beans platform works


You can start participating in the Trace Coffee Beans platform after following the next steps:

Step 1: Fast registration on the Trace Coffee Beans Platform

To start participating in the platform, you must register your company, by filling out a fast registration form. As soon as you complete this simple process, you will receive a confirmation by email. The basic information for the registration is:

Step 2: Update your profile on the Trace Coffee Beans Platform

As soon as you confirm the registration, you will have access to a control panel which will allow you to fully manage your account. You can improve the profile of your organization by including more detailed information. For instance, you can:

Step 3: Start creating the traceability for your assets

You are ready to start tracing assets and share information with other participants in the supply chain. You can trace different kind of assets, such as:



Micro-batches and batches

For each asset you can:

Step 4: Access the potential buyers, sellers, traders, roasters and the assets and their history, and make transactions with them

Now you can access the full database containing information about different participants in the supply chain, their assets, their processes, etc. Also you can make transactions with them and directly communicate with the final consumers and visualize what they think about the coffee you the consume.